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BEHOLD ... THE F U T U R E  Today ...

Purpose built Air diffusers optimize airflow resulting in a quantum leap fusion of engineered design & cool green technology


Vortex's high performance low spray, low drag, fuel saving ventedmudflaps™...

  maximizes your (cost of) ownership experience from driving dynamics & reliability to outstanding; safetystyling, performance and environmental responsibility 

The Aerodynamic Splash Guard  REVɸLUTION  has begun ...

From concept  in 1985 (1s't of 7 subsiquent  international IP'S ) to commercial reality in 2001 Vortex's award winning proprietary ventilated flow through  porous mudflap represented an historical quantum leap forward as the first ever intelligent fuel saving, low drag, high performance Smart Mudflap . Protection , not only for your ride or cargo, but for people & planet . From Aero -hybrid Semi's & Trailers to tuners & pickups, until now if you wanted protection you sacrificed looks, performance &
... less spray and drag not only means a leaner and cleaner ride but, as racing, max air flow and spray dispersion for ultimate: traction, brake and tire performance 

 The dawn of  the fuel saving, ventedmudflap delivered the 1st ever commercially engineered

 'Safety & Sustainability '' Splash Guard solution ... don't be fooled by fly swatter imitatiions that, for obvious reasons, can' t even remotley protect a pickups body from road; tar, paint and how people following an 
18 wheel SEMI Trailer ?

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